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As well as producing one off items as required, I have a selection of woodware ready for sale. A range of items i make are shown below. My stock changes week by week so if you see anything you like,  or you would like some advice on items suitable for your period please contact me.

I try to keep a stock of pole lathe turned wooden bowls ready for delivery – please contact me for more details.

Pole- lathe turned bowls

Pole- lathe turned wooden bowls

distinctive tool marks set these bowls apart from anything made on a modern lathe

Distinctive tool marks set these bowls apart from anything made on a modern lathe

Polelathe turned prices start at £15 for a 5in bowl and go up depending on the size and wood used.

Please note that all items which may come into contact with food or drink have been treated with a foodsafe oil.

Various cups

Various wooden cups.   Cups start at £8 for a small mead cup and go up to  £25 for a large pint mug

needle cases

Needle cases

Various designs made from boxwood from £10



From £6

Lace bobbins

Lace bobbins

Various designs. Individually turned.£2.50 each

roman cups

Roman cups

The cup on the left is a replica from the Alchester find 3rd century, and the one on the right is from London 1st century.

£15 each.

theses are based on finds from york

Viking cups

These are based on finds from York  £15 each

lidded pots

Lidded pots have been found dating back to the Roman period, i make pots for several periods in different styles. They start at £15

Carvers turned mallet

Carvers turned mallet

From £15



Simple knock down, wedge together design. Single seat £45 double seat £55

Portable pole lathe

Portable pole lathe

Made to order. Please contact me for details.

Hand carved spoons

Hand carved spoons From £10

hand turned drop spindles

These are based on finds from the Ballinderry Crannog no. 2, in Ireland dated between 500-700 AD. £10.00 each

Extra spindles available separatelyVarious mallets

PowerLathe Turned Bowls

A pair of ash bowls clearly showing how they are cut from the log.

A pair of ash bowls clearly showing how they are cut from the log.

My power lathe turned bowls are made in a similar way as my pole lathe ones, ie they are turned from either green or part seasoned half logs, they dont have the distinctive tool marks that you get by using the pole lathe, but only sharp tools are used and no sandpaper, all modern chucking mounts are removed. They are left to dry for a few weeks and they warp and twist due to the shrinkage that occurs during this natural process. This makes each one very individual with its own character and they look the part either in the living history camp or on your breakfast table.

Prices start from £8 for a 4in bowl.

Mazers or Medieval Drinking Bowls £15 each

Approx 5 inches x 3.5 inches

Pestle and Mortars

Pestle and Mortars

Pestle and Mortars turned from well seasoned ash £30

Baby Rattles £15 each

Baby Rattles £15 each

3 Legged Stools £30

3 Legged Stools £40

Vindolanda Stool

Stool based on the find from Vindolanda made from 2in beech, can be made with fixed legs or detachable for easy transportation £45


Ash Spatulas great for cooking sausages or squashing flies £4 each

Postage and Packaging is at cost and i take payments by cash/ cheque/paypal/or bank transfer

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